12 Ways To Motivate Yourself - How to Get and Stay Motivated

12 Ways To Motivate Yourself – How to Get and Stay Motivated

How do you stay excited? How do you stay pumped? How to get and stay motivated?

How to get and stay motivated? Why do we need motivation?

If you’re not motivated, the idea doesn’t matter.
If you’re not motivated you’re not gonna wake up and take action.

Lack of motivation is killing your hopes and dreams.

Motivation means that you’ve been given an incentive to do something.
And you’ll learn how to get and stay motivated by the end of this article.

People are struggling with this. Look how much medication is out there.
Underneath this, there is a problem with this concept of motivation.

Motivation is a desire to do things.

Stop reading motivational quotes and start executing.

How to motivate yourself? How to get and stay motivated

Work to Your Potential.

Nobody can tell you what you’re capable of. You’re the only one that knows.

Shoot for Extraordinary.

Shoot for something big, giant, and extraordinary.

Get above average. Don’t do what everybody else is doing.

Go the Extra Mile.

If you say I’ve got to do 20 pushups, do another two.

Add 10% to everything. If you think you have finished, go a little further.

Do What Others Refuse to Do.

Do the things nobody wants to do, that’s where the opportunities are.

Be Willing to Fail.

The only way to fail is if you give up. Failure is impossible.

Be the Most Dependable Person You Know

Be that go to guy or gal.

Let People Know You are Unique by Your Actions.

What actions are you taking that sets you apart from everyone else?

You want to be known by your actions. Don’t be like everybody else.
Have that unique advantage.

Do little things that make yourself unique by your actions.

Do Those Things That Challenge You the Most.

Jump out of a plane. Go ask somebody out that you know won’t go out with you.
Do anything that pushes you.

Make a list of things will challenge you.

People set targets to low and do simple, easy things.

Give More than is Expected of You.

Give people more! Give, give, give! Whether it is enthusiasm, energy, ideas, or offers.

You have to give more than is expected of you.

Get in a Mastermind Group of Winners.

Surround yourself with winners.

You need winners around you. Cut out losers.

Reach out people who have done more, have more, and dream more.

Read a Book a Week.

Read 52 books a year. If you don’t like to read, get the audiobook.

Average Amercian reads 1 book a year. Most of them don’t even finish it.

Make a commitment to read one book a week.

Cut Out Negative People.

Look at who you need to cut out and get rid of them. Those people will kill your dreams and motivation.


Stay Uncomfortable and Meet New People.

Do you think anyone is comfortable when their meeting new people? No.

You need to meet new people. Make connections, network.

Be the person that walks to someone and says ‘’Hey!’’

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Stay motivated!

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