How to Learn Faster and Remember More

How to Learn Faster and Remember More

How to learn faster and remember more?

Are you a fast learner or are you slow? This is one of the most important question of your life.

When it comes down to knowledge, there is some danger of learning fast – you will become too ‘’book smart’’, but most of the people you want to be around in your life are book smart.

When you go to the doctor, you want him to be a book smart, not someone who just goes with his gut.

In order to adapt to the rapidly changing environment, you have to become fast learner because, by the time you learn something new, it’s already old, outdated.

In this article, you will learn how to study smart and how to improve memory.

Let’s dive in.

How to Learn Faster and Remember More:

1. What’s Your Learning Style?

How to Learn Faster and Remember More

”Hmm…how to learn faster?” It’s all about style. The school didn’t teach you this.

Every person has its own unique learning style.

And that’s why we have problems with the education system. You see, in school, teachers just talk and talk. But no everybody learns by listening.

Most of the people can’t even remember what they learned yesterday in the school. Does that sound familiar to you?

“Schools everywhere are organized on the assumption that there is only one right way to learn and that it is the same way for everybody.”
– Peter F. Drucker

You have to know your learning style, and if you figure it out, then you will become a quick learner.

Here are ‘’learning modalities’’ by which people can be categorized:

  • The Visual Learner – pictures
  • The Auditory Learner – listening
  • The Kinesthetic Learner – physical learning
  • The Print-Oriented Learner – reading
  • The Group Process Learner – discussions

As the saying goes, know thyself.

You can take online tests to find out your style, but there is one great book that I recommend you to read, it’s called ‘’Managing Oneself’’ by Peter Drucker.

I still don’t understand why schools don’t give their students to read it.

2. The Environment Does Matter

How to Learn Faster and Remember More (2)

How to learn faster? The environment does matter!

Figure out what works best for you.

Light – Dimness or brightness of environment defines the mood of learning.

You have to know where you perform better.

Having natural lighting contributes greatly to a better learning. Based on studies, fluorescent lights create a depressing atmosphere, increasing hyperactivity problems. By switching to natural lighting, a more relaxing setting is created, increasing learning productivity.

But again, see what works for you. Try both for a while and do more of what’s working.

Time of The Day – Are you an early bird or a night owl?

If you’re an early bird – study early in the morning. And if you’re a night owl – do the opposite.

But studies have shown that we perform better in the mornings because at the end of the day your mind is full and you’re sleepy, so you’re not that productive.

Figure out what works for you.

Sound – Some people prefer music, some silence.

If you haven’t tried out studying with music, then try it out. Put some classical music in the background or natural sounds.

But stay away from songs that distract you.

People – Some people like to be around people, but some prefer to stay alone.

Air Quality – Oxygen is essential. Without proper ventilation, the brain decreases an individual’s learning capacity.

But Andy, how is this related to learning faster?

Let’s say you’re studying for your exam.

You’re an early bird but it’s late, and all the lights are on. Next thing you know, a friend comes in, he closes a window, opens up a bag of chips, turns on his favorite heavy metal band.

Let me ask you, will you be able to study in that environment? You might say yes.

But will you be able to remember that information in the next day? Probably no.

As you see – environment does matter.

3. Be Productive

How to Learn Faster and Remember More

There is nothing more important than being productive, especially if you want to learn faster.

You can study for 4 hours, but that doesn’t mean what you will be productive.

In order to learn faster, you have to study smart, not hard and stay organized.

And stay focused.

In today’s world, we’re always distracted.

Check out ”How To Stay Focused: 5 Steps To Boosting Your Concentration

How to Learn Faster and Remember More infographic

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