How to Sell Anything to Anybody

How to Sell Anything to Anybody

How to sell anything to anybody?

Whether your goal is to sell a product on your website or get a girl or guy to like you or persuade someone to give you $10 because you forgot your wallet at home, you must learn the fundamentals of selling.

Too many people go blindly and are okay with failing because they have been taught that they can learn from their mistakes. But what if that’s wrong? You can learn from your mistakes, but it’s better to learn from others because life is short.

In today’s article, you’re going to learn how to sell anything to anybody. These principles are the basics of persuasion. Just like in basketball, you have to go back to the fundamentals. Without fundamental things, you can’t go further.

Let’s dive in.

How to sell anything to anybody


If there is no trust, then there is no sale.

When you buy something online what are the first thoughts that run through your mind? ”Can I trust this company? Can I trust this product? Can I trust this person?”

If you don’t get the sale, then that’s because there is distrust (‘’I don’t believe in you.’’). This concept is critical because you can’t sell to people if they don’t trust you. As Scott Weiss said, ‘’Trust leads to approachability and open communications.” And what happens if the communication is closed? That means done! Everything you say and do will get ignored.

What you have to do is – build trust in yourself, in your company, and in your product.

By the way first, you have to trust yourself. You have to trust yourself, your company and product. You must be sold on it yourself before you sell it to anybody! And then build trust into others.


How to Sell Anything to Anybody
Sales legend Brian Tracy

Customers don’t make sales, salespeople do. You have to take responsibility for selling and buying.

Look, if you’re not selling, you’re being sold to. What does this mean? This means that you have to become pushier.

”But I don’t want to pressure them.” Look, if you don’t trust yourself, yes we’re going back to the first step, that’s why I said it’s critical. If you don’t trust yourself, your company, and your product, then who will?

Your product will help them! Your idea will benefit them! You’re doing something good for them! Then why wouldn’t you push? Do you get it? If it’s the right thing for them, then it’s necessary for you to go all in and don’t stop until you close.

Do you want to meet that person of your dreams? There’s this saying, ‘’If I don’t love myself who will?’’ Again, the first step. First, you have to be sold on yourself. And then you have to take full responsibility for closing and going on a date because the other person is not going to do that.

Take responsibility, don’t wait, be pushy, build trust and close!


Imagine you’re flying on a private jet. And you go to your pilot and ask him about buttons, and he replies that he doesn’t know what they do.

How safe would you feel?

Same thing happens in sales. If the customer asks you something and your reply with I DON’T KNOW, I’M NOT SURE, I CAN’T TELL YOU THAT, MAYBE… you’re not going to close.

You have to be confident. As Socrates said, ”Know thyself.” You have to be educated about what you’re doing.

Peter Drucker said, ”Most people think they know what they’re good at. They are usually wrong. More often, people know what they’re not good at — and even then more people are wrong than right.’ ‘I highly recommend you read his book Managing Oneself.

And then there’s product knowledge. How much do you know about your product? How much do you know about your company? What do you know about them? What do they want and why they want that?

As you see, you have to become a professional. You can’t be average. If there’s no credibility and no trust, then there’s no sale.


How to Sell Anything to Anybody

People want to feel good. Period.

And that’s your job. Your job is to make them feel good, smile, be positive, and be happy.

Your attitude separates you from your competitors. It also builds trust. By having good customer service, they are going to remember you.

Look, you have to have that light in your eyes. That sparkle. You need a smile on your face. Big smiles.

As Sam Walton said, ”There is only one boss. The customer. And he can fire everybody in the company from the chairman on down, simply by spending his money somewhere else.”

By now you know how to sell anything to anybody. Again, take full responsibility. Do anything you can to close a deal, and separate yourself from others by your attitude.

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