5 Persuasion Tips: How to Persuade Someone

5 Persuasion Tips: How to Persuade Someone

How to persuade someone?

Imagine, if you could talk to anyone and persuade that person into any of your ideas. Wouldn’t it be great?

In today’s article, we’re going to look at five persuasion tips and how you can persuade almost anyone you meet. These persuasion tips work for everyone especially if you’re a marketer, salesman, public speaker, cold calling, would like to meet someone, you name it.

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Let’s dive in.

5 Persuasion Tips: How to Persuade Someone

25 Cognitive Biases

The first thing I always think about when it comes to sales, marketing, and persuasion are 25 cognitive biases. We have developed these mental shortcuts that help us to make quick decisions.

Although they help us, in many cases they are used against us – ads, speeches, newsletters, blogs, you name it.

There are many books about this subject. The most famous is ‘Influence: The Psychology of Persuasion.‘  In that book, you’ll learn these mental shortcuts and how to use them to persuade others.

Always Agree

Grant Cardone, world’s best sales trainer, said that the number one rule of selling is to agree.

You might have heard people saying that opposites attract. That’s a myth. Opposites don’t attract. People like to be understood and like to be right.

Grant said if you always want to be right then selling will be hard for you. We have to make them right!

We’re not talking about not being authentic and always accepting what they are saying. We’re just showing interest in them, we understand them, we hear them, and we respect their opinion.

A phrase like ”I understand you,” will make you more persuasive.

And after that, we handle their beliefs, complaints or share them our view. Which leads to my next point…

Handle Objections

5 Persuasion Tips: How to Persuade Someone

Let’s face it everyone has objections and complaints. But if you know how to handle their objections, you will find a way how to persuade them into your idea.

Look at great salespeople. They are masters at handling objections. You might say that the price is too high and then they will find a way to handle your price objection.

At the same time, there are salespeople who don’t know how, and that’s why they get rejected, and they can’t close a deal.

Write down ten objections (the price is too high, I’m just shopping, I don’t have time, etc.) and handle them.

If you want to learn how to handle objections, get ‘The Closer’s Survival Guide.

Body Language

It has been said that 80% of what we understand in the conversation is read through the body. Whether it’s true or not, body language is one of those things that make us either persuasive or not.

Every little movement, position, and expression means something. Your body in many cases are the reason why people treat you a certain way, and your ability to persuade someone highly depends on it.

There’s a great book it’s called ‘The Definitive Book of Body Language.‘ If I had to give you one tip that could make you more persuasive, it would probably be – use open body language.


5 Persuasion Tips: How to Persuade Someone

Your status shows through everything – your words, your tonality, your body language, your attitude.

Harvard did a study. They found that we look at people in two different ways – strength and warmth. They said that it’s very hard to be both at the same time due to many reasons.

What is strength? It’s authority. People respect authoritative people. Look at Donald Trump. Look at his body language. He signalizes high status.

What is warmth? It’s empathy. It’s love. Sometimes might seem weak.

In general, if you’re a male, it’s better to be on a strength side (a little bit cold), but if you’re a female, it’s better to be on a warmth side (empathy).

By now you know these five persuasion tips, and I’m sure you’ll be able to persuade anyone. Make sure you check out ‘Top 5 Books on Persuasion Everyone Must Read.

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