5 Public Speaking Tips - Give a Presentation like a TED Talk

5 Public Speaking Tips – Give a Presentation Like a TED Talk

Spiders? No problem. Public speaking? Yikes!

The most common and profound fear is the fear of public speaking!

Public speaking is the most important skill you will ever learn.

Public speaking is important because it could be the deciding factor in many things such as
your career, your business growth and in the relationships you have with your friends and family.

Public speaking is a skill worth learning.

How to give a presentation like a TED Talk?

Below are 5 public speaking tips that can make the difference between those speakers
who leave a powerful impression and those that are quickly forgotten.

What’s Your Goal?

This is the first public speaking tip.

Before you start crafting your presentation, set goals.

What’s the outcome you want to have?

Your goals should be clear because they will determine what to say, how to structure your presentation,
and how successful your speech is going to be.

For example, your goal could be as simple as getting your message out in the world and be perceived as an
expert in your field.

The more specific your goals are, the more successful you’ll be.

Public Speaking Tips - Give a Presentation Like a TED Talk


After you have set your goals, you should brainstorm ideas on a piece of paper.

At this stage, it doesn’t matter how great your ideas are.
Write down at least ten of them.

If you need a break, feel free to do so.
Sometimes best ideas come when you’re in the shower or walking in a park.

Don’t overthink!

Narrow Down

At this point, you should pick most important messages.

Chose messages that are important to you (go back to step one), and will motivate your audience.

Speech is not about you! It’s about what your audience is going to take away from it.

Don’t give away too many facts and messages because people won’t remember them.

I recommend narrowing your ideas to TOP 5. Only five, no more.

Add a Story to Each Point

This is the most important public speaking tip.

If you don’t have a story to add, then it’s not interesting enough message.

You can get to the point in five seconds, but it’s less memorable.
People love stories, and we remember ideas better if they are attached to them.

You must become a master storyteller.

Facts are just facts, people usually start sleeping, or looking into their phones.
We all can relate to that.

Your story should include characters, dialog, problem, emotions, and resolution.

Public Speaking Tips Give a Presentation Like a TED Talk


The most important thing to do is practice.

Stop writing your speech on a piece of paper!

Take your phone and record yourself.

Watch it and do more of what you liked, and record again.
Everything that doesn’t work – trash out.

At first, you might hate your voice, body language, hair, and everything else, but again practice makes perfect.

Do this for a while, and you’ll become great at public speaking.


The last public speaking tip is following.

PowerPoint is not for you it’s for your audience.

Don’t use text.

Put only one idea and one image per slide.

How to Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking?

You feel nervous, your palms sweat, your stomach ties itself into knots. You don’t want to do it.

Check out Brian Tracy’s article ’27 Useful Tips To Overcome Your Fear Of Public Speaking.’

There are numerous tips to overcome your fear of public speaking.

For more tips read this article from Forbes.

How to Tell a Good Story?

Telling a good story is a critical skill, many of us shy away from it.
Telling a story is the most powerful way to persuade people.

Stories will improve your social skills, I guarantee.

Check out ‘How to Tell a Good Story.’
There is a step-by-step method to get better at telling your story.

You can use that structure in your public speech, in business, talking about yourself, in conversations with others, in the video, and in presentations.


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