5 Reasons Why Salespeople Fail Why You Cant Close a Deal.

5 Reasons Why Salespeople Fail – Why You Can’t Close a Deal

Why Salespeople Fail? Why You Can’t Close a Deal?

There are many reasons for failing to close.

Here are the main reasons why salespeople fail and why you can’t close a deal.

1. Never Attempted to Close

This is one of the biggest reason why salespeople fail.

If you don’t attempt the close, you won’t close.

This could come from many reasons even just the desire to not be rejected.
Many people say that this is what hurts them the most as they hate being told no.

It’s better to get no because you asked than none because you didn’t.

Push yourself to attempt the close, be willing to get the no, and you will be surprised
at the number of people that will close just because they were asked.

2. Lack of Belief in Product or Service

This happens because the salesperson doesn’t fully believe in his product, idea, or service.
This is the reason why you can’t close a deal.

You have to believe in order to control when you get the close.

Have you ever believed in something so much that you actually made someone do something they didn’t really want to do?
This is what I’m talking about.

You have to be convinced that what you have is so incredible that you won’t allow any decision other than, ‘’let’s do this now!’’

You have to be sold yourself first!

3. No Urgency

If you truly believe in your product or service, you must learn how to insist on closing the deal now.

You must build urgency into your close, and it must be a legitimate benefit for the buyer.

If there is no urgency, there is no close.

Why now is the best time to buy?
Why should I now do this deal with you?

4. Saving Price For Later

Why salespeople fail?
Because of this.

Saving price for later is a big mistake.

Always bring up the subject of money early on.

You can say, ‘’Before I show you our product ability to solve your problem, I want to show you our pricing.’’
If they tell you ‘’that’s too much,’’ you can agree with the customer and say,
‘’I completely agree with you. I guess I have failed to show you all the value that you get with this product
and additional value you get getting it through me. Let me take a few minutes to explain why it’s priced this way
and what it will do for you.’’

5. Shortage of Closing Material

Most salespeople fail because they lack variations of closes.

You need a large variety of closes to handle different objections and customers.

Check out 5 Sales Closing Techniques – How to Close a Sales Deal article and practice them.

Know them so well you can use them with complete confidence.

Lack of Motivation

Sometimes people fail just because they are not motivated.

If you’re not motivated, the idea doesn’t matter.
If you’re not motivated you’re not gonna wake up and take action.

If you lack motivation read 12 Ways To Motivate Yourself – How to Get and Stay Motivated


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